Stock Direct Purchase / Bidding ?

How to get lowest price car from Japan ?
Goo-net Stock Direct Purchase - 368,000 units daily
(Prices are slightly higher, but a lot of limited edition cars can be found here)
One Price Stock Direct Purchase - 87,196 units daily
(Prices are average, but some of the car prices can be lower than Bidding Auction)
Bidding Auction - 36,000 units daily
(Most of the price are lower, but not all models are available)
  • Refer One Price and Goo-net to get current market selling price. Sign up our Calculator to get a full transparency breakdown of cost & fees with On the Road Price
  • Secondly go in Bidding Auction to refer 5 simple steps to start your bidding
  • PM us your desired price in YEN or RM and ask us to place bid for you in Bidding Auction